Individual Services

Individual Accounting Services
This is designed for businesses looking to outsource a specific accounting function to keep the duty separate from other Accounting Duties.

Examples of Services we provide are:

Payroll Services. Weekly, Bi-Weekly or monthly preparation and communication of payroll to a third party payroll provider. We ensure the accuracy and completeness of each employee’s paycheck including taxes and other related items. We will prepare a reconciliation of gross to net payroll. We prepare an analysis comparing current period’s payroll to prior period, explaining variances. We prepare the payroll journal entry. We assist with other payroll related projects on an as needed basis. We also prepare 401K analysis, group term life calculations for W-2’s, and other year end preparation.

Bank Reconciliations:
For separation of duties where cash is concerned many businesses outsource bank reconciliation duties. This ensures an independent eye on your cash function and lessens the risk of fraud.