Accounting 101 Solution

Accounting Payable and Receivable
The Accounting 101 Solution delivers all the financial expertise needed for accurate and timely recordkeeping – essential to cash flow management.

This service is available virtually (off-site) or at your location (on-site) and is available

  • On a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • In half-day (4 hour) or full- day (8 hour) segments

Accounting 101 Solution specifically includes:

Accounts Payable. We provide your business with a complete picture of cash owed to vendors along with the due dates. We handle bill organization, entry and scheduling for payment; check issuance; posting of manually written checks, debit and credit card transactions; and a generation of an Unpaid Bills Report.

Accounts Receivable. We provide your business with a complete picture of cash owed to your company, along with due dates. We Create and issue Invoices and Customer Statements, post customer payments, and generate an Accounts Receivable Aging Report.

Cash Receipts. We ensure all cash inflows and outflows are properly reflected on your accounting file. We post deposits and prepare monthly bank statement reconciliations.

Payroll. We communicate the total cash requirements needed to meet you payroll obligations in advance. We prepare payroll and facilitate it through a third party processor. We review payroll reports and record payroll journal entries.

Generation of System Reports. We generate standard system reports so you can monitor your financial situation.

Annual Tax Package for your CPA or Tax Preparer. We prepare a Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and General Ledger on a cash and/or accrual basis.