Connecticut Accounting, Bookkeeping and Financial Services

Connecticut Accounting, Bookkeeping and Financial Services Company
Accounting Outsource Group, LLC is a full service accounting and financial management company specializing in small to mid-size businesses. We provide business owners with a full range of accounting experts from experienced Accountants to high level Controllers and Financial Consultants.

Our financial service combines the affordability of outsourcing with the convenience of having financial experts working either virtually (off-site) or at your location for the amount of time needed to service your account properly.

Financial and Accounting Services Company – National Service

With off site services we provide the accounting software and annual updates on which your accounting data is entered. We utilize a state of the art server and disaster recovery methods to ensure your accounting data is safeguarded. Information is backed up daily in a remote location from where our server is located. We provide you with access to your accounting file remotely, allowing you to sign in and view your accounting data anytime you wish from wherever you are. This allows us to service companies nationally; we are not limited to a specific geographic region.

Adding employees comes with the cost of overhead – hiring, training, and supervising; payroll costs, office space, phones, computers, etc. Outsourcing eliminates these business overhead costs. As your business grows, your need for additional financial services grows. By outsourcing the financial function, you just add services, not employees. In addition, utilizing an outside, independent company keeps financial results and payroll information confidential at all times. Flexible off-site and on-site options are available to suit your business needs.

Accounting Outsource Group can accommodate a business in every field and industry, from start up ventures to well established companies. We also work in tandem with your tax accountant and payroll company. We will review each critical accounting function performed in your business –and all the steps in-between – to uncover bottlenecks that cost your business time and money. An unbiased perspective is often what is needed to see through the source of challenges that face a company in order to work towards a solution.

Budgeting & Forecasting Expertise to Assist in Strategic Decision Making

For more complex requirements, Accounting Outsource Group offers high-level controller expertise, including budgeting and forecasting that assists business owners with strategic decision making.

What sets us apart from our competition is our approach. We implement simple systems and routines, making your business: systems-dependent: as opposed to people dependent. In addition each account is assigned a team of experts- a Financial Associate who is responsible for the day-today transactions and a Controller who oversees and supervises your account

We adhere to the highest ethical standards of confidentiality and do not divulge client specific information. We agree to confidentiality provisions as we work together to increase comfort levels.

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